County Sligo Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms for County Sligo. The Coat of Arms for County Sligo.

In the first image the ruined tower represents the Sligo Abbey, the tree symbolises the dense woodland that once covered the site of the Town, the hare in flight is a natural concomitant of brushwood abounding with game and wildlife. The oyster shells emphasise the fact that the 'Slilgeach' river is so named because of its abundance of oyster shells.

In 1980 Sligo County Council adopted its own emblem depicted in the secong image, as distinct from that of the Borough. The blazon of the Arms depicted on the shield, is as follows: The tinctures sable and agent are predominant and representation of the name of the County - Sligeach - (an escallop shell) is effected by sprinkling the field of the shield with escallops.

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