North & South Lanarkshire Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms for North Lanarkshire Council. The Coat of Arms for South Lanarkshire Council.

North Lanarkshire Coat of Arms

Quarterly gules, sable, azure and or; in the first quarter, two cinquefoils in chief, pierced, argent, and an open book in base, proper, binding and fore edges or; in the second, a tower argent, masoned sable, window and port gules, flames issuing from the battlements proper; third, three mullets in bar in chief or, a miner's lamp in base argent; fourth, or, a fountain The motto, Pro bono publico, means - For the public good.

South Lanarkshire Coat of Arms

Pers fess enarched and embattled gules and argent; in chief, on a pale or, between two cinquefoils piercedargent, an eagle with two heads displayed sable, armed and membered gules, holding in his dexter claw an ancient hand bell proper and charged on the breast with a cross flory or; in base, in a sea proper an ancient galley sable, flagged gules, therein two men proper, one rowing, the other furling the sail

The arms are new to civic heraldry in Scotland, but refer to the arms of the three pre 1996 district councils Clydesdale (the district formerly known as Lanark), Hamilton and East Kilbride, and so includes references to the arms of the pre 1975 burghs of East Kilbride, Hamilton, and Lanark, and also to the pre 1975 Lanark County Council. The motto is the pre 1975 Lanark County Council's.

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