Bridgend Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms for Bridgend

The arms were granted in 1977. The black diamond symbolises the coal industry in the area and the golden wheatsheaf enclosed in the left hand section signifies agriculture. The base of the shield is enclosed by a ragged line which represents a part of the heritage coastline and the borough's association with the sea is depicted by a green dolphin on three wavy blue lines.

On a wreath of red and gold on top of the helm, the red demi-dragon with a steel collar and chain around its neck and bearing in its right and left claw respectively an anchor and an engineering wheel, signifies industry.

The supporter on the right hand side of the shield is a red dragon and the mural gold crown around its neck signifies local government. The steel chain reflexed over its back attached to a triangular gold harrow represents agriculture, and the harrow is also supported by the right claw. The supporter on the left side of the shield is a silver sea horse with a green tail. The steel chain reflexed over its back attached to a black anchor by the left webbed foot also represents the sea.

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