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Gas burner spare part, image links to spare parts on-line shop for Moorland Cookers.

Aga 2 Oven Doors Open

2 Oven Aga Cooker, showing doors open.

Aga Chrome Dome Lid

Chrome dome lid, one of many Aga spare parts available from our on-line shop.

Aga Lid Liner

Aga lid liner, one of many Aga spare parts available from our on-line shop.

Aga Hot Plate Lids

Aga hotplate lids complete, one of many Aga spare parts available from our on-line shop.

Aga Lid Seal

Lid seal, one of many Aga spare parts available from our on-line shop.

We Buy Your Old Aga

We buy your old Aga cooker banner.

Aga Kettle on Hotplate

Aga kettle, one of many Aga accessories available from our on-line shop.

Aga Accessories

Montage of several Aga accessories, available from our on-line shop.

Refurbished Aga Cookers & Aga Spare Parts for Electric, Gas and Oil Fired Cookers

Moorland Cookers Cheshire showroom with 2 and 4 oven Refurbished Agas on dispaly...

  • Moorland Cookers Refurbished Aga showroom in Cheshire UK.
  • Moorland Cookers Refurbished Aga showroom in Cheshire UK from a slightly different angle.

Moorland Cookers Supply quality refurbished Aga cookers, the level of finish is such that they may be indistinguishable from a brand new Aga range cooker. We pay close attention to all the components and parts of the Aga making sure that everything is just perfect. You'll also have piece of mind with our 5 year warranty which reinforces our commitment to producing top quality, reconditioned Aga cookers with an as new appearance when they leave our workshops.

  • Castings are professionally shot-blasted back to their original condition
  • Re-enameled at the leading vitrous enamalers
  • You may choose from sixteen different colours
  • Burners replaced

Refurbished 2 & 4 Oven Aga Cookers Solid Fuel Gas Oil 13A Electric Cookers

Your Aga cooker can be converted to 13A Electric...

The standard Aga cookers are either solid fuel, gas or oil fired, but did you know they can be converted to Electric?

Moorland Cookers have pleasure in offering you the chance to own a fully reconditioned 13 Amp Electric Aga cooker fitted with a CE approved Newton Conversion Kit, available in the colour of your choice, and restored to the highest standard.

The great advantage to the Newton Conversion is that your Aga can be fitted to almost anywhere in your kitchen, as there's no need for a chimney. All of the controls are mounted on the outside of the Aga in a purpose built box and can be in a cabinet to either side of the Aga.

It also comes fitted with a 24hr timer which can be programmed to suit your needs, so it can be off through the night or while you are at work & be set so your Aga is back up to temperature for when you need it again. All elements are British made and come with a five year guarantee. Fitting & Delivery are not included in the price but this can be arranged.

Alternatively we can supply you with a Newton Conversion kit to convert your own Solid Fuel, Gas or oil fired Aga into a 13 Amp Electric model.

Aga Warranty - 5 Years on All Refurbished Aga Cookers

Moorland Cookers recognise what a great piece of engineering the Aga cooker is, with simple yet efficient components. We are also so confident in our own refurbishment skills that we offer a 5 Year Warranty on all reconditioned Aga Cookers leaving our workshop.

At Moorland Cookers we recondition the models of Aga that we consider suitable for the refurbishment process including 2 & 4 oven traditional models in solid fuel, Gas, Oil and Electric.

Moorlands Cookers Aga Spare Parts Shop

Moorland Cookers offer an Aga spare parts shop where you will find an extensive range of components for your Aga. We supply spares and accessories for PRE / POST 74 models and Standard models.

If you are unsure on the model of Aga you have please call us and we will be happy to assist, or use the link below to our spares and accessories page.

Part Exchange Your Old Aga Cooker

Moorland Cookers are able to arrange part exchange deals for supply of our reconditioned Agas. We will also buy almost any Aga regardless of condition - please call us for details.

We Buy Your Old Aga Cooker - With or Without Part Exchange UK Wide

Moorland Cookers want your old Aga, and we make it easy for you, and give you a great deal; visit our sister site, We Buy Agas.com.

We buy old Agas banner.

Much can go wrong when selling your old Aga stove; gas leaks, not being paid, damage to your home and more. Fitters from Moorland Cookers Nationwide network are skilled and insured for your peace of mind.

Click through to our sister site, fill out our form or simply call us - we will do the rest for you.

Refurbished Aga Cookers in Northern Ireland & The Irish Republic

Moorland Cookers is pleased that their reputation for quality refurbished Aga cookers has spread to Ireland, and now have customers in County Cavan, County Kildare and Dublin. We welcome enquiries from anywhere in the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland.

Cooking with the Aga Cooker

Cooking with an Aga is a pleasure, the hotplates maintain a constant temperature, one for boiling and one for simmering. Another great feature is the humidity control of the ovens so food can be kept warmer for longer without drying out or being soggy. The Aga works on a 80-20 principle where 20 percent of cooking takes place on the hotplates and 80 percent happens in the ovens. The Aga stores heat through the castings of the burner. This heat accumulates in the ovens and hotplates giving you instant cooking ability at any time of day.

As an Aga has dense and thermally efficient insulation, fuel is used sparingly and the right amount of heat is released into the room to give a comfortable ambient temperature.

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