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Gilt / Silver Florida Gator

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New Zealand MS70 Grade Silver Coin

New Zealand Mint MS70 grade silver coin depicting the Great White Shark.

International Silver Network or ISN COINS in the UK

Collectible Silver Coins - The price of Silver is predicted to increase massively...

International Silver Network or "ISN COINS" is the Direct Sales Division of "ISN MODERN COINS" one of the largest modern coin dealers in the United States of America. ISN MODERN COINS is known for exceptional talent, world-class service, extremely competitive pricing and the ability to provide its clients with a wide range of numismatic choices offering only the best certifications within the Numismatic Collectible Coins industry. All ISN products are true "Intrinsic Art". Operating Worldwide, ISN Coins is now here in the UK, covering England, Scotland and Wales.

International Silver Network was launched to propagate the sale of ISN MODERN COINS wide selection of Collectible & Certified Assets through a DIRECT SALES distribution model. This model is very powerful and allows for a synergistic relationship between ISN MODERN COINS and its SALES DIVISION.

My name is Andy Barratt, and I have chosen to partner with ISN coins to enjoy the benefits of doing so - I am looking for people who want to do the same, starting with discounted prices on the entire line of ISN MODERN COINS certified and graded assets. ISN COINS rewards its members with some of the best prices in the industry, while paying Substantial commissions on all coins that are sold worldwide.

For very little expense you can now choose to partner with a wonderful network of Coin Collectors / Dealers while you profit and save on your own purchases. ISN COINS is a "RISK FREE" and very affordable business offering Up Front Income, Passive Income, Residual Income, Leadership Pools, potential Tax Savings and Asset Accumulation through the purchase of the most "LOGICAL" product in Direct Sales today - Silver is predicted to increase massivley in value.

In fact, on 13th November 2012, writing for the Telegraph, mixed asset fund manager Ian Williams, predicts that the price of Silver will increase Five Times by October 2015. It has already increased approximately four-fold from 2008 to 2012.

Explore the ISN COINS Home Business Opportunity

YOUR Collectible Coins business can be Local, Regional, National, International...

This is a truly International business if you want it to be. However, I am fast building a team of people interested in helping each other at the same time as building their own business throughout Cheshire, Staffordshire, North Derbyshire, South Manchester and Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire, and Wrexham in North Wales.

The Precious Metals industry is booming with demand at an "ALL-TIME HIGH". There has never been a better time in history to buy and sell silver and gold coins! For the first time in history you can now profit from participating in one of the oldest "HOBBIES" and most prestigious industries known to man.

Individuals who choose to partner with ISN benefit in many ways. Starting with a 10% discount on the entire line of ISN MODERN COINS certified and graded assets. You'll also have access to some of the most in demand collectible coins in the world with our Top Coin Pick Program.

ISN rewards its members with some of the best prices in the industry, while paying Substantial commissions on all coins and Collector Packs that are sold Worldwide, while at the same time helping Members SAVE in REAL ASSETS and even earn them for FREE.

As a Business Pro you will learn about the ART, SCIENCE, and HISTORY of COIN COLLECTING. How this hobby has impacted the life of millions of people who have and are currently practicing what has been named "THE HOBBY OF KINGS".

Collecting government struck SILVER and GOLD collectible coins is one of the oldest pastimes in the WORLD. ISN has developed a vehicle that allows you to not only participate with countless millions around the world that currently do this for pure enjoyment, but now you can PROFIT from it as well.

Visit the ISN Coins Frequently Asked Questions Page

Take a look at our ISN Coins FAQ's page to get answers to questions like:

  • Why buy coins from ISN?
  • What value do I get by becoming a Business Pro?
  • What advantages does ISN offer the average person versus a traditional business?
  • Does ISN offer any simple systems that can help me operate my business?
  • What is the risk of joining ISN?
  • What if I want to sell my silver?

About ISN Modern Coins

ISN Modern Coins is a trusted premier Modern coins dealer (operating right here in the UK) specializing in the sale of High Grade Modern day Graded and Certified government struck coins from around the World. Our wide variety of coins include but is not limited to "Mint State" and "Proof" American Silver Eagles, Australian Koala's, Chinese Pandas, Lunar Series Coins and much more. No matter what your coin desires are, ISN more than likely can fulfill them.

All coins at ISN are certified and graded by either NGC "Numismatic Guarantee Corporation" or PCGS "Professional Coin Grading Service" as these are the only two trusted third party certification companies industry wide with decades of numismatic and coin grading experience.

Our website allows you to make a purchase 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Or you can call our ISN Modern Coins Qualified Representative, Andy Barratt, on the numbers below for local advice and help.

Golden Opportunity Video & Robert Kiyosaki - Silver as an Investment

Click the link below to download the Peter Thompson Golden Opportunity video. An overview of some key but simple issues about money, gold and silver and leading to a question about what you could do about protecting your own and your family's wealth - running time 7 minutes 44 seconds:

Alternatively, you can view this video on YouTube. Please click your browser Back Button to return here.

This Robert Kiyosaki video on YouTube is also very interesting, not least because since it was posted, the price of Silver has more than doubled. Running time 4 minutes 10 seconds.

International Silver Network ISN COINS Home Business Opportunity
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Silver Coins from Tuvalu, US Silver Dollar, Australia and China. Many coins are MS70 Top Grade

  • 2012 Tuvalu silver dollar depicting the black rhino.
  • US silver dollar.
  • MS70 grade Australian silver dollar depicting the Kookaburra.
  • MS70 grade Chinese 2 dollar coin, depicting the Koi Fish.