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What is Reputation Aegis ?

Reputation Aegis is a Customer Intelligence Platform, designed to gather verified reviews and provide customer feedback, for Brands and Companies with Advanced Customer Satisfaction Surveys & Online Reputation Management Features:

  • Plumbing Installation and Maintenance
  • Easy to Use (API or web based), Yet Extremely Powerful
  • Collects & Organises Critical Customer Intelligence Info in Custom Settings Determined by Each Brand
  • Measures Customer Experience at the Brand level, for each Location and even at the Employee Level
  • Improves your Brand Services and Products by continuous Customer Feedback
  • Effortless Assistance in Building Brand Authority and Social Proof
  • Cross Platform Monitoring of Online Reputation & Brand Image Protection - 594 review sites worldwide: 101 in the USA, 51 in Canada, 91 in the UK...

Reputation Aegis is a Worldwide brand, and has partnered with Conflux Consultants, based in Cheshire, to deliver this Advanced Customer Intelligence Platform to companies and brands in the Republic of Ireland and the UK, including Engalnd, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Is Reputation Aegis right for Your Company?

Reputation Aegis is appropriate for all types of business, helping Small & Medium-Sized Businesses, Franchises, and especially Large Businesses with multiple locations, to get a competitive advantage.

We are technology partners with companies (developers, SaaS platforms...) wanting to offer better Customer Intelligence to their clients, helping your company Close More Business by Measuring, Improving Customer Experience and Monitoring - Protecting Brand Image is our goal.

Which category best describes your business; find out how your business will benefit whichever category your business falls into:

How does Reputation Aegis work?

Simply ask Customers for Feedback at the right time in their Customer Journey. Reputation Aegis does the rest and collects Valuable Customer Intelligence information. At the end of the Customer Journey, Feedback can be transformed into Reviews and promoted not only on your website, but all over the web on social networks.

The platform also closely Monitors your Online Reputation and Overall Customer Experience.

Why will Reputation Aegis benefit My Business ?

All the Reputation Aegis tools have been carefully designed to assist you in Building Brand Authority and Social Proof. It will help your Brand rank higher online by Marketing your 5-star Customer Experience everywhere. Reputation Aegis improves your Brand Image Online and Offline while creating a Powerful Shield to protect your Business Reputation. Learn how the Platform will give your Brand Competitive Advantages.

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