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The Real Ale Breweries featured on this page are all currently from the following Counties of England:

Cheshire, Cumbria, Derbyshire, Dorset, Manchester, North Yorkshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Suffolk and Wiltshire.

I would be delighted to add Micro, or not so Micro Real Ale Breweries from Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic - details at the bottom of the page.

Real Ale Breweries in Cheshire

Real Ale From Beartown Brewery Congleton Cheshire

Real Ales From Spitting Feathers Brewery Waverton near Chester Cheshire

Farmhouse Ale, a mid-brown session bitter. Traditional English malts and hops combine to make this a well balanced and satisfying beer. ABV 3.6% Thirst Quencher, a fine light pale beer. Lots of late hop leads to a clean, crisp finish. ABV 3.9% Special Ale, a malty, chestnut brown beer. The full malt taste balances well with hop bitterness and fruit flavours. ABV 4.2% Old Wavertonian, a robust dark stout. Roast barley, chocolate and coffee flavours give a very full body and a smooth lingering finish. 'Silver Medal Winner - National Winter Ales Festival 2008 - Stouts.' ABV 4.4%. Basket Case, a dark ruby strong ale, rich and fruity full flavour with a smooth finish. ABV 4.8%.

Spitting Feathers brewery also have a range of seasonal ales including Devastation, ABV 5.2%, Dark Velvet Mild ABV 3.8%, Honey Trap, ABV 4.1%, Christmas Crackers, ABV 5.8% and several others. Please use the link below for more information.

Real Ales From Off Beat Brewery in Crewe Cheshire

It is zany, not your average session beer drinking above it's strength. The Outlandish Pale takes your palate to the extreme with a burst of lemony hoppiness. ABV 3.9% Our golden session ale with a light bitterness but a refreshing burst of Cascade hops make this an easy-drinking, resfreshing pint. ABV 4.1% A delicious ruby red ale with masses of Columbus hops giving a spicy finish. The bold fruitiness of this ale will surprise the uninitiated but you will be back for more! ABV 4.2% Naturally cloudy and packed with flavour from sweet orange peel, coriander and a traditional wheat yeast. You'll taste bananas, sweet flavours and the spick edge from the coriander. ABV 4.5% Spark your tastebuds into life with the perfect balance between malt and hops in this American style IPA. Generously hopped with abundant citrus flavours, leading to a dry bitter finish. ABV 5.8%

The ABV of these beers from left to right is 3.9% - 4.1% - 4.2% - 4.5% - 5.8%. Off Beat Brewery also have seasonal beers, and their Far Out stout at 7.4% Please use the link below for more information:

Real Ale Breweries in Cumbria & The Lake District

Real Ales From Jennings Brewery in Cockermouth Cumbria

Crag Rat is the name for a particularly enthusiastic climber in the Lake District.

Real Ale Breweries in Derbyshire

Real Ales From the Dancing Duck Brewery in Derby Derbyshire

An eminently drinkable pale session ale. Subtle malt and floral notes are matched splendidly with 
citrus hop, rounded off with a slightly dry finish. 3.9%% ABV A copper coloured, fruity, summer ale packed full of flavour. 
Blackberry, strawberry and floral rose notes in perfect balance with just the right amount of malt character. A refreshing summer thirst quencher,
It's fruit salad in a glass. 4.1% ABV A wonderfully balanced best bitter with good malty flavour and dark fruit notes, these are offset by a strong hop with a very clean finish. A great thirst quenching beer for any time of the day. 4.3% ABV Delicious malty, caramel and liquorice flavours combine wonderfully in a velvety smooth drinking stout with a freshly roasted coffee and toffee finish. 4.5% ABV A modern IPA with powerful hoppy bitterness and aroma balanced with strong malt notes. English First Gold hops give peppery, plum-like and orange zesty flavours. A satisfying and memorable golden ale. 4.7% ABV

The ABV of these beers from left to right are 3.9% - 4.1% - 4.3% - 4.5% - 4.7% and the Abduction at 5.5%. Dark Drake the 4.5% oatmeal stout won Gold medal at the National SIBA awards!!

Real Ale Breweries in Dorset

Real Ales From the Badger Brewery in Blandford St. Mary Dorset

A well balanced, crisp premium ale with a malty palate and noticeable hoppy aroma, 4.4% ABV. Badger First Gold is a classic country ale from Dorset using a single English hop for purity and character. ABV 4.0% Badger, one of Britain's most respected independent brewers, has brewed fine distinctive ales for well over 200 years. A light coloured medium bodied ale with a low bitterness and a subtle spicy ginger character that gives warmth to drink even when served chilled. ABV 5.2% An award-winning 4.5% ABV premium ale, well balanced with distinctive bitterness and a delicate floral peach and melon aroma.

Real Ale Breweries in Greater Manchester

Bazens Real Ale Brewery from Salford Manchester

Bazens Real Ale Brewery from Salford

Real Ale Breweries in North Yorkshire

Real Ales From Theakstons Brewery at Masham Near Ripon, North Yorkshire

A golden coloured beer with a full flavour that lingers pleasantly on the palate. This beer has a robust hop character described as citrus and spicy. It’s a refreshing and very satisfying pint – noted for the aroma of its Fuggles and dry hopping strain Golding - 3.8% ABV. A rich, dark, smooth-tasting beer brewed using the traditional Fuggle hop, Old Peculier is our best known beer and has a large and enthusiastic following all over Britain and around the world - 5.6% ABV. A ruby coloured ale with a rich flavour and full body. The balance between bitterness and fruitiness from the Bramling Cross and Fuggle hops give XB a distinctively complex aroma, making it a beer to savour - 4.5% ABV. A bright amber bitter, well attenuated to give a crisp, refreshingly dry taste. The late and dry-hopping with Golding hops ensures a pronounced citrus fruit flavour and aroma - 5.6% ABV. A dark mild beer with a dry palate and a full, rounded, Fuggle hop flavour. Brewed using three different malts: pale malt for body, crystal malt for rich flavour, and black malt for texture and taste - 3.5% ABV.

Real Ale Breweries in Oxfordshire

Real Ale From The Wychwood Brewery in Witney Oxfordshire

Real Ales from the Wychwood Brewery. Hobgoblin is a powerful full-bodied copper red, well-balanced brew. Strong in roasted malt with a moderate hoppy bitterness and slight fruity character that lasts through to the end. 5.2% ABV 500ml bottle and can, 5.0% ABV in cask. Real Ales from the Brakspear Brewing Company.

Real Ale Breweries in Somerset

Real Ales From Exmoor Ales Brewery in Wiveliscombe Somerset

A traditional pale gold coloured ale with a malty aroma and flavour.ABV 4.5% Exmoor Ales Limited is based at Golden Hill Brewery in Wiveliscombe, Somerset. It uses traditional methods to produce its distinctive, hand-crafted, cask-conditioned beers. This is a verk dark porter style ale, with a chocolately taste to it, though not too sweet. ABV 6.6%

Real Ale Breweries in Suffolk

Real Ales From Mauldons Brewery in Sudbury Suffolk

A dark bitter stout. Roast and nut aromas with a fruity balance of hops and dark malt provide an excellent, lingering finish. ABV 5.3%. This premium full bodied bitter is light in colour, has a powerful bouquet of hops and a developed dry fruit finish. ABV 4.8% An amber coloured beer with a fine balance of malt and selected hops to give a smooth full bodied finish. ABV 4.2% A golden strong ale. A warming fruity flavour dominates and lingers into a dry hoppy finish. ABV 5.3%. A well balanced session beer with a crisp bitterness, late malt flavours come through  on the finish. ABV 3.8%.

Real Ale Breweries in Wiltshire

Real Ales From Hopback Ales Brewery in Downton, Salisbury Wiltshire

The Hop Back logo comes from an original carving of Dionysus, the Greek God of wines and ale. The Hop Back logo comes from an original carving of Dionysus, the Greek God of wines and ale. Pale gold coloured ale, ABV 5.0%

CAMRA Campaign For Real Ale

CAMRA The Campaign For Real Ale.

Out In Cheshire is The Cheshire Branch of CAMRA

Out In Cheshire is The Cheshire Branch of CAMRA

Quality Ale and Fermentation Fraternity - Quaff - From San Diego U.S.A.

Quaff from California.

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