Welcome to IBD's Statistics page. Here you can find detailed information about the traffic that IBD receives. This is monitored by an independent tracking service. We believe in promoting honesty and ethics within the company. There are some Internet directories that will try and sell you advertising based on wild claims about how much traffic their site gets with no figures to back it up!.

During the last twelve months IBD has had over FOUR Million hits. June and July 2007 saw the monthly hits exceed 500,000 for the first time, with over 50,000 unique visitors each month. The reason these huge numbers are important to advertisers, and potential advertisers, is they demonstrate that IBD receives a lot of traffic - some of which are actually real people using search engines to find YOUR business.

This was demonstrated recently when one customer looked at stats for his own web site. These showed that 70% of his traffic came from search engines and 30% from web sites No less than 58% of the web site traffic came from his two pages on IBD!

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How well do IBD's Adverts Perform In The Search Engines?

Over the past few months we have conducted some research into how well our adverts are performing in the search engines. We took a random sample of 1/5 or our database and searched for our customers products. The results surpasses our expectations which we are very proud of.

As the graph below shows 84% of IBD's adverts rank on Page One of Google and of the 16% that aren't on page one the majority were on pages two or three! This proves that advertising with IBD really works! The higher your advert is in the search engines, the higher the likelihood it will be viewed by potential customers.

Adverts in Number One Position in Google for their related search term.

Of the 84% of adverts that were on page one 62% were placed number one, which is a great achievement!

Adverts in Number One Position in Google for their related search term.

We also achieved very similar results in Yahoo and MSN, who along with Google cover around 90% of the search market. IBD also performs very well in all the smaller search engines such as Dogpile, Ask, Orange, AOL, Altavista, Lycos and many more.

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