Why Advertise with IBD, What is in it for YOU?

Please check out our slightly longer introductory video - 2 minutes 18 seconds - to see how IBD is different to traditional Internet directories.

Why IBD Internet Business Directory is different to other Internet Directories

Most internet directories work by placing your business in a category or type. When a user searches the directory for your product or services they will find your business in a list of other businesses offering the same products or services - ie your competition. These directories usually charge for a premium or enhanced listing whereby you will appear at the top of the list; the theory being that more people will choose you, however they may not.

Advertising with IBD instead of other Internet directories has the following advantages:

Benefits of Advertising with IBD Internet Business Directory:

At IBD we are not category based and we don't place businesses in a list and charge for a top placement within that list. At IBD we create an advert for your business on it's own webpage, it's like having a mini website. We are probably the only directory on the Internet that does this! The advantage is that your advert can be found independently in the search engines when a customer searches for your products or services, they don't even have to look at the IBD website! Your advert focuses on your business and it's products or services, there is no third party advertising on it with links to other web sites, nothing that will distract the customer away from your advert, and indeed away from your business.

Detailed Explanation of Advertising Packages - Pay Yearly or by Monthly Installments

Although we have listed the prices of our advertising packages we are happy to tailor any of them to suit your business budget. We pride ourselves on offering a superb service at extremely competitive prices. Each package is explained in more detail below, all costs are for 12 months, and we can take credit card payments by PayPal.

As a result of customers requests, we are pleased to help cash flow by the introduction of monthly payments by Standing Order. Take any of the costs below and simply divide by 12 to give the amount payable by SO. Payment dates are usually on either the 1st or 20th of the month.

Alternatively, we can take payments via PayPal. Please note the above figures have a small service charge added to off-set PayPal charges, and no vat is charged, so the figures quoted are what you pay.

Local Advert - Standard Entry

Every advert has a Standard Entry with up to 20 images which are, as far as possible, relevant to your business.