TERMS AND CONDITIONS IBD Internet Business Directory LTD

1. IBD Internet Business Directory will provide a one-page advertisement consisting of text, links to the customer's website and up to 20 images to the customer's specification. However, layout and structure will be determined by IBD based upon their experience and expertise.

2. IBD Internet Business Directory may also build a customer's website to their individual specification. From time to time IBD Internet Business Directory undertakes paid, or offers free advice, on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for third party websites.

3. Whilst IBD Internet Business Directory makes no guarantee or warranty with regard to search engine results ranking, they will use their best endeavours to achieve a ranking for the customer of page three or above on Google.

4. IBD Internet Business Directory has no liability or responsibility for enquiries or lack thereof. IBD Internet Business Directory shall not be liable to the customer for any loss, damage, expense, cost or outlays arising from any enquiries received as these are beyond their control.

5. Prices will be subject to agreement between IBD Internet Business Directory and the customer, but will be broadly in line with prices displayed on the 'Advertise' Page. These prices are subject to change without notice. If the customer elects to pay monthly, the annual price will be divided equally over the twelve month period, and then becomes a rolling monthly contract. A minimum of four such payments are required in advance, with the standing order commencing in month five. For web site building and SEO work, an agreed one off initial payment is required, as agreed on a bespoke basis with the customer. Maintenance is charged separately. The price of SEO work will vary depending upon the number of pages of the website which are worked upon.

6. For advertisements where the customer elects to pay the full annual cost in advance, no refund or part refund will be payable under any circumstances.

7. Once the customer has agreed the content of the advertisement and the same has become live, no refund will be payable to the customer under any circumstances.

8. During the period of the contract, the customer may request amendments to their advertisement. Minor amendments taking no longer than one hour per month to process are free of charge. Thereafter, amendments may be charged at £60.00 plus VAT per hour or part thereof.

9. IBD Internet Business Directory reserves the right to refuse to carry out work for any trade, service or business sector for which they already work for two representatives in a particular town, at the absolute discretion of IBD Internet Business Directory.

10. IBD Internet Business Directory also offers website hosting, but cannot be held responsible for loss of business as a result of website downtime. This is outside their control as they use a hosting provider, usually Heart Internet, or a company providing similar services.

11. The business of IBD Internet Business Directory is continually evolving and as such they reserve the right to change their Terms and Conditions when necessary. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that they are up to date with all of their Terms and Conditions. IBD Internet Business Directory will, however, notify the customer of any prominent changes which they feel the customer needs to be pro-actively made aware of.

12. IBD Internet Business Directory retains all rights to any advert it produces, and where a customer stops paying for said advert for any reason whatsoever, IBD may offer the specific url of that advert for sale to anyone, or any company it chooses. All reference in the text, any website links or banners, all address and contact details and all images belonging to the previous advertiser will be removed.

13. By signing up for and / or otherwise accessing any of the services or products offered by IBD Internet Business Directory the customer agrees to be bound by all the Terms and Conditions listed here. These Terms and Conditions supersede all earlier versions. To the extent that the customer is deemed to be a consumer as defined by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 or the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 (UTCCR), these conditions will not affect the customer's statutory rights and will only apply to the extent that applicable law allows.

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